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the scooter raffle is now a thing of the past. its been a crazy few months. thanks again to everyone that made this possible. i wouldn't have been able to pull it off without you. Steve still has a long battle ahead of him. he is one tough son of a bitch.

getting ready for the 2012 mini bike race season in my back yard. thanks to rich house for the killer photo.

this is my friend steven deal.  i am raffling off one of my scooters to help steven get back on his feet after a long battle with cancer. tickets are 10 bucks each.  its small price to pay for a chance to win a vespa scooter, not to mention, its just a great cause. i will post photos
and more details very soon.

summer is about over now. its been a busy summer full of car shows, bike shows, scooter rallies hanging out with old friends, and making new ones. i put alot of miles on the f100 this season. i plan on putting even more on this fall.

lush life kicks ass!

new project. 1963 chevy c-10

who says scooters are gay?

big red machine and ecv

geoff  likes nachos.

once again its been awhile. silver city shakedown, english town super nationals, ct drag strip reunion. our favorite vips, f100 is on the road,  and summer time is drinking time...

and kyle and rachael get hitched

its been a while. so long i forgot my password.
lets see here. shots, new trans mount, bones scooter is looking good, my new cb 200, and new stickers. send address get stickers.

green beer.

bone's scooter is coming along.

thanks to everyone that emailed me about t-shirts. i sent out twenty can't send out any more. looking forward to seeing them out and about.

i have been bowling for 3 years now. just broke 200.  thursday nights are all about drinking and a little bit of bowling. the art of speed show was a great time. fuel tap for my rd is not available. i had to make a slick little  adapter. simple petcock, 1/4'' stock, and home depot plumbing dept to the rescue.

barn fresh japanese triumph/aka sx 650


i was wondering if anyone reads this thing. the first person to email me gets a free shirt.
elmcitydave01 at

melting snow, leaky roofs, sticky doors, exploding hot water heaters, and a kestrel thats busting my balls.
now the positive. anderson silva is still the champ, jones is for real, the shop is more than half sheet rocked, stiff little finger at cafe 9, and my first dishing stump.

bones says he will be working on this in a couple weeks. i will keep you updated.
2.2.2011  got a chance to work in the shop today. this is the result. a little something for paul at cafe 9.

los straitjackets at cafe 9, cant go anywhere without seeing a murder cycles sticker, more on the rd 350 later.
we just finished sheet rocking the new shop. as soon as we get the 220 line installed the powder coating oven will be up and running.

its fucking cold out there. here is a photo from the 2004 cold weather challenge -3 for ten miles. geoff, melinda, dave, and kevin good times.

1.25.2011  coming soon to orange ct. new local source for crappy tools

i made a mess of this thing. i tried to move one thing and fucked up the dates.
this weekend was a blast. brass city boss sounds will be a monthly event. don't miss the next one. we just got the new batch of shirts back from the screen printer. they look great. pink and black girly tees look even better. duck pin bowling with murdercycles is the most fun you can have with 3 balls.

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